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We Sweep & Remove Debris

To keep your parking lot, parking garage or neighborhood streets clean & safe.


Parking Lot Sweeping

Concrete and asphalt surfaces have a way of collecting debris like – sand, dirt, cigarette butts, grass clippings and trash. Routine sweeping services remove debris and haul it away, so your property stays clean.

Power sweeping your property not only keeps things looking clean and professional. Sweeping also protects pavement from abrasive erosion that occurs when vehicles (and people) travel over sand, gravel and waste that lays on the surface.

Our fleet of parking lot sweeper equipment includes multiple sizes of sweepers to handle any job and work in any space. Equipment includes: skid steer mounted power sweepers, vacuum truck road sweepers, and walk-behind power brooms.

Everything we sweep gets hauled away and recycled.

What We Offer

  • Nightly retail sweeping / portering
  • Parking garage sweeping
  • Nightly, weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • Post snow storm sand removal
  • Construction site clean-up
  • Spring neighborhood cleaning
  • Road and street sweeping
  • Sidewalk power brush sweeping
  • Haul-off services

Call us for sweeping services. We can customize any routine sweeping schedule.

Parking Lot Sweeping Oklahoma
Neighborhood HOA Street Sweeping
Power Brush Sweeping
Parking area trash is bad for business
Parking Garage Maintenance Trash Cleanup

Where We Power Sweep

Strip Malls – Shopping Centers – Apartments – Parking Lots – Parking Garages – Neighborhood Streets – Public Streets – Parade Routes – Race Routes – Residential Areas – Warehouses – Factories – Loading Docks – Concrete – Asphalt – Sidewalks

Power sweeping protects your investment and makes pavement safer for vehicles and people.

Litter & debris at your place of business creates a poor first impression and invites more littering. A clean parking facility is a sign that you care about the comfort and security of residents and visitors.

Our personnel treat your property with the utmost respect and care and ALWAYS practice safety first.

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